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However, since chats and calls through Whatsapp and other messenger platforms remain encrypted end-to-end, these cannot be intercepted during transmission, unlike regular phone conversations. However, the feature is not foolproof and you can still read the deleted WhatsApp messages from the notification log on an Android phone using this hack. You can see messages and call log from control panel and track GPS location of phone by using this WhatsApp Hack Spy. Just install mSpy on their device, log in to your Control Panel, and you’re good to go. After you have logged in, got to the control panel. But you would be happy to find our site and leave it with big victory smile because we have freeware whatsapp hacking tool without human verification or no survey. 7. verify your downloaded whatsapp by the verification code sent to your friend’s phone. Whatsapp will send the verification code to your friend’s phone. If you are receiving spy certain messages, you will be able to trace that whatsapp account.

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